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Metrics Offers New Controlled Release Technologies

April 11, 2013

Pellet formulations support API effectiveness

Metrics, Inc. now offers pellet technologies enabling controlled release of API. The company’s drug delivery technology supports therapeutic effectiveness of API by tailoring drug release to the specific application and desired end point. According to the company, the potential benefits of this technology are fewer doses and fewer side effects, notably gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea.
These technologies are a result of the company’s recent acquisition by Mayne Pharma Group. Mayne Pharma has applied pellet technology to a number of pharmaceuticals with modified release profiles, including Eryc (delayed release erythromycin), Doryx (delayed release doxycycline), Kadian (extended release morphine), Astrix (delayed release low-dose aspirin) and pulsed release diltiazem.
Metrics and Mayne offer two technologies for formulations: extrusion granulation that granulates API with excipients, which is extruded to form a core then coated by polymers, allowing potencies as high as 90%; and spheronization, which applies drug particles to a “seed” core with the aid of a binder. The core is then coated with a polymer and can provide potencies as high as 60%.
“At the end of the day, pharmaceutical science is all about making drugs as effective and tolerable as possible so that patients can experience both better health and a better quality of life when taking necessary medications,” said Dr. Brad Gold, vice president of pharmaceutical development at Metrics. “It’s exciting to offer pellet formulation to our clients – and to the patients they seek to help.”

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