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BASi, Pinnacle Collaborate on Glucose Monitoring

May 2, 2013

Will combine methods for diabetes data collection

BASi has entered a collaboration with Pinnacle Technology for proof-of-concept studies combining BASi’s Culex NxT automated blood sampling system with Pinnacle’s glucose sensor to create a new option for quality data collection for diabetes and other glucose research.
“Our approach has two important advantages over traditional methods: automation of blood sampling made possible by our Culex NxT, and accurate monitoring of glucose levels using the Pinnacle glucose sensor with no net removal of blood from the test subjects. This allows researchers to take many glucose readings with no ill effects on the test subjects, resulting in more accurate glucose readings than are possible with manual sampling. The system also enables researchers to conduct pharmacokinetic, metabolism, telemetry or microdialysis studies from one set of test subjects instead of using three or four sets, thus lowering study costs,” said Jacqueline M. Lemke, president and chief executive officer and chief financial officer of BASi.

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