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Corgenix Medical Expands Contract Services

May 2, 2013

To support diagnostic product development

Corgenix Medical Corp., a developer and marketer of diagnostic test kits, has expanded its contract services business unit for diagnostic products. The Contract Services business employs a dedicated team of qualified scientific researchers, lab and operations professionals. Corgenix’ facilities function as a full-service operation to support and partner with its customers from product concept to product distribution.
“Contract Services, including contract manufacturing, contract development, companion diagnostics and partner support activities, has become an increasingly important part of our business, and as a result we are significantly expanding our capabilities,” said Corgenix president and chief executive officer, Douglass Simpson. “Our company is already an established industry leader for in vitro diagnostics development and manufacturing. As the demand for companion diagnostics grows, Corgenix is adding new resources to assist pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with the development of these promising tests, which aid in stratifying patient populations and determining the effectiveness of specific corresponding therapies.”