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Malvern, Proveris In Drug Delivery Alliance

May 21, 2013

Will combine technologies to optimize nasal spray devices and formulations

Malvern Instruments has entered a global agreement with Proveris Scientific Corp. to provide a complete solution for nasal spray characterization. This solution comprises Proveris' Solo for Spraytec system, a high performance automated actuator and software for the precise control of the actuation profile applied during device testing, and Malvern’s Spraytec laser diffraction particle size analyzer, which measures the evolution of particle size in real-time during a spray event. Together these technologies support the optimization of nasal spray devices and formulations, and enables investigation of the parameters, which may impact drug delivery.
“Malvern Instruments recognizes that the automated actuators that Proveris Scientific are known for are a valuable complement to the Spraytec for the investigation of nasal spray performance,” said Ciaran Murphy, head of product management at Malvern. “This agreement provides streamlined access to a complete solution for nasal spray analysis and more efficient support. While initially focusing on requirements for the pharmaceutical industry we are hopeful that over time the initiative will also deliver benefits for other industrial applications.”