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TxCell Signs Strategic Agreement with MaSTherCell

January 6, 2016

Belgian CMO will manufacture TxCell’s European cell therapy products

TxCell SA, a biotechnology company developing personalized cell immunotherapies using regulatory T-cells to treat severe chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, has signed a 5-year agreement with MaSTherCell, a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) based in Belgium.

MaSTherCell will be the exclusive manufacturer in Europe of all products from TxCell’s ASTrIA platform.

TxCell previously appointed MaSTherCell in July 2015 for the manufacturing of TxCell’s lead product Ovasave for the ongoing CATS29 study. CATS29 is a phase 2b trial of Ovasave conducted in refractory Crohn’s diseases patients.

With the new agreement, the transfer of manufacturing will be extended to Col-Treg, TxCell’s second lead product. Col-Treg is expected to enter a clinical trial by the end of 2016 targeting non-infectious uveitis.

“Following the review of our strategy at the start of Q4, 2015, TxCell is now exclusively concentrating on its key strengths of research, clinical development and new partnerships. This means we are able to commit to an ambitious product development schedule from our two discovery platforms,” said Miguel Forte, chief operating officer, TxCell. “As a result, it is critical for TxCell to have the security of a strategic relationship with MaSTherCell as a long-term manufacturing partner that will be able to deliver TxCell’s cell therapy products throughout their clinical development.”

Exclusivity will not apply to TxCell (as a potential manufacturer) nor to its future licensees. Other contractual terms and conditions were not disclosed.

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