Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion/Toxicology (ADME/T)


The objective of ADME/T testing is to measure what happens to a compound in the human physiology. ADME/T tests are done during the preclinical stage of the drug discovery process and are a necessary part of any clinical trial, prior to filing an IND.
  • No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL)

    A dose in toxicology studies that produces no adverse effects.…

  • Chemical Synthesis and Scale-Up

    A step in the drug discovery process in which a chemical process is expanded to produce adequate amounts of a potential drug compound for preclinical and clinical testing.…

  • Process Development

    Chemical Process Development

    A step in the drug discovery process in which the chemical reactions necessary for the production of a drug are streamlined. Reactions are optimized, scaled up, and sometimes completely new routes are devised.…

  • ADME/T

    See Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion/ Toxicology.…

  • Combinatorial Chemistry

    An approach to chemical synthesis that creates large numbers of organic compounds by putting chemical "building blocks" together in every possible combination. Combinatorial chemistry is used in the drug discovery process to create many lead compound…

  • Contract Research Organization (CRO)

    A company involved in performing non-clinical or clinical research on a contract basis for a pharmaceutical or Biotech company, research organization, or other health organization. For non-clinical CROs, studies or full programs are contracted by the…

  • Drug Discovery

    Identification of a biological, genetic or protein target linked to a particular disease, and subsequent lead identification of a potential drug that interacts with the target to help cure the disease or halt its progression.…

  • Rational Drug Design

    Using the known three-dimensional structure of a molecule, usually a protein, to design a drug molecule that will bind to it. Usually viewed as an alternative to drug discovery through screening many molecules for biological activity.…

  • Structure-Based Drug Design

    The process of drug discovery that uses a high-resolution picture of the drug target's structure. This can help develop a profile of the compound that would be the most suitable for that target.…