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Last Updated Monday, September 22 2014
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A Blueprint for Improved Pharma Competitiveness
Girish Malhotra , Epcot International
September 8, 2014
Change could increase profits and revenues, but it will come from without, not within, the industry  Read More »
Agnes Shanley , Editor
September 8, 2014
Research suggests that the most effective corporate programs support business strategy, and are closely linked to risk and quality management.  Read More »
Risk and Quality Management: Connecting the Dots
Bikash Chatterjee , President and CTO, Pharmatech
September 8, 2014
A brief review of pharma’s new thinking regarding quality and risk management, and key risk management tools  Read More »
Robert Dodd, Aloft Aviation Consulting
September 8, 2014
Where FMEA, fault tree and other risk management methods drill down to the tiniest detail, Bow Tie methods allow for a broader view of risk throughout the enterprise.  Read More »
Taking a Proactive Approach to Patient Safety Monitoring
Dr. Chitra Lele , Chief Scientific Officer, Sciformix Corporation
September 8, 2014
Stringent pharmacovigilance standards are needed during drug development and post-approval stages.  Read More »
Clinical Trial Supplies 101: An Outsourcing Primer for Virtual Pharma and Biopharma Companies, Part1
Joseph Iacobucci and Damian Gant , Clinical Supplies and Xcelience
September 8, 2014
Getting packaged investigational materials dispensed to the patients taking part in clinical trials, on time and correctly, requires orchestrating myriad activities. Outsourcing makes the process even more complex. This series of articles presents tips on how to do it right.  Read More »
Daniela Guttmann , Vetter Pharma International GmbH
September 8, 2014
Pharmaceutical serialization is soon to be a reality, leaving manufacturers and suppliers to find and implement the best solutions.   Read More »
The Audit Trail Advantage
Carol Brandt , GMP Compliance Consulting, NNE Pharmaplan
September 8, 2014
Why one of FDA’s most misunderstood rules can help ensure data integrity and compliance, and help in root cause analysis  Read More »
Be Proactive About Disinfection Qualification
Dave Rottjakob, Deborah Ensign, Shawn Sherry, and Kate Bloomrose
September 8, 2014
Unfortunately, most manufacturers wait until after a 483 or performance problem to revisit qualification practices. Proactive testing and continued monitoring ensure patient safety and compliance   Read More »
Strange Ally in the War Against Sepsis
Agnes Shanley , Editor
September 8, 2014
50 years ago this year, scientists first connected an ancient sea creature to testing for life-threatening bacteria  Read More »
Newsmakers: Turning Pharma Supply Chain Management on Its Head
September 8, 2014
Models need to be patient-centric, rather than R&D-centric, and a U.K. pilot project may demonstrate what is possible for the industry  Read More »
Newsmakers: Lean Six Sigma and Seeing the Forest Behind the Trees
September 8, 2014
A new book on Lean Six Sigma aims to go beyond the tools, to uncover deeper potential within organizations  Read More »
Top 25 Pharma and Biopharma Report
July 21, 2014
Big Pharma continues to face the impact of competitive pressures, fluctuating currencies, the patent cliff, and pipeline surprises, all of which were reflected in financial results last year.  Read More »
2014 - Fifteenth Annual Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey
Agnes Shanley , Editor
July 21, 2014
Hiring is up, recruiters say, and soft skills are in short supply. Survey respondents say they’re happy now, but will likely change employers within five years.  Read More »
Biopharma CMO Update
William Downey , HighTech Business Decisions
June 3, 2014
Increased demand is driving higher capacity utilization and more partnerships  Read More »

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