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Last Updated Friday, August 22 2014


Top 25 Pharma and Biopharma Report
July 21, 2014
Big Pharma continues to face the impact of competitive pressures, fluctuating currencies, the patent cliff, and pipeline surprises, all of which were reflected in financial results last year.  Read More »
2014 - Fifteenth Annual Salary and Job Satisfaction Survey
Agnes Shanley , Editor
July 21, 2014
Hiring is up, recruiters say, and soft skills are in short supply. Survey respondents say they’re happy now, but will likely change employers within five years.  Read More »
Biopharma CMO Update
William Downey , HighTech Business Decisions
June 3, 2014
Increased demand is driving higher capacity utilization and more partnerships  Read More »
Improving the Functional Characterization of Biosimilars
Delana Butz, Ph.D., Manuela Grassi, Ph.D, Onesmo Mpanju, Ph.D., Duu-Gong Wu, Ph.D., Peter Wunderli, Ph.D. , PPD
June 3, 2014
New bioassay methods may help reduce the variability of analytical methods required to demonstrate comparability  Read More »
Studying Binding in BIosimilars
Michael Sadick , Catalent
June 3, 2014
Bio-Layer Interferometry can be a useful addition to the orthogonal analysis toolkit required for characterizing biosimilars  Read More »
Analyzing and Controlling Particles in Biopharmaceuticals
Tara Sanderson , Formulation Services Manager, SGS
June 3, 2014
Patient safety depends on preventing particulate contamination in biopharmaceuticals.   Read More »
What You Need to Know About QbR
Emil W. Ciurczak , DoraMaxx Consulting
June 3, 2014
FDA’s Question-Based Review requires more information in key areas  Read More »
Working With CRO’s: Lessons for Small Biotechs
Jean Yarger , ENDECE, LLC
June 3, 2014
Outsourcing increases flexibility, but sponsors need a clear strategy, from the start, if they want a synergistic partnership  Read More »
Packaging Technology in the Fight Against Diabetes
Johannes Rauschnabel , Bosch Packaging Technology
June 3, 2014
Use of insulin pens and other new delivery methods mandates new technologies and close attention to filling  Read More »
Streamlining Recombinant Protein Production
Dr. Kristin DeFife, Ph.D. , Ajinomoto Althea
June 3, 2014
The Corynex platform offers an alternative to traditional synthesis and purification processes.   Read More »
2014 Outsourcing Survey
May 1, 2014
As use of outsourcing increases, more companies see it as strategic, and relationships with service providers as partnerships. However, basic communications, vendor oversight and information transfer remain challenges.  Read More »
Agile Drug Development
Kristin Brooks , Contract Pharma
May 1, 2014
New business models and analytics are driving increased value and efficiency in CRO-sponsor partnerships  Read More »
Oh Grow Up! Analytical Methods in the Age of PAT
Emil W. Ciurczak, DoraMaxx Consulting
May 1, 2014
Guidances developed for chromatography may not work for Process Analytical Technology. Don’t wait for them to catch up; use other methods.  Read More »
Will e-Solutions End the Clinical Paper Chase?
Mark Wade , Almac
May 1, 2014
e-Solutions offer advantages in collecting patient-reported trial outcomes  Read More »
It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane...
Michael Burton , Veeva Systems
May 1, 2014
Technology is extending the range of CRO “superheroes” and what they can offer clients.  Read More »

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