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October 28, 2014
Market research estimates performed in the last 6 months have shown that the market size for ophthalmic medications is expected to reach more than 25 billion, by the year 2015. The ophthalmology drugs market classification is based on the type of drugs: treatment-based drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and ocular anesthetics.  Read More »
August 22, 2014
Flow cytometry is a laser-based technology that analyzes multiple characteristics of a single particle (usually cells).  Read More »
August 19, 2014
Achieving Product Protection, Regulatory Compliance and Consumer Satisfaction  Read More »
August 15, 2014
Biopharma manufacturers need to move fluids from one cleanroom to another quickly with maximum productivity and minimal effort and expense. Incorporating single-use/disposable equipment and practices can help speed and streamline operations and reduc…  Read More »
July 24, 2014
The ability to collect adverse events and make decisions to foster improvement is the cornerstone of any Compliance Management system.  Read More »
July 17, 2014
on Manufacturers of FDA-Approved Prescription Drugs To Alleviate Pain  Read More »
May 19, 2014
When initiating a development program for drug delivery to the lungs, selection of the dosage form warrants careful consideration.   Read More »
April 16, 2014
   High Potency Product Manufacturing  Key selection criteria when evaluating an outsourcing partner Summary  Approximately 25% of drugs in development worldwide are classified as highly potent, with this percentage expec…  Read More »
April 2, 2014
Realizing the full potential of a novel injectable drug compound is no small task.  Read More »
April 1, 2014
One of the most significant trends today in our industry is the enormous growth of the injectable market.   Read More »
February 6, 2014
Solid-dose tablet and capsule manufacturing is a mainstay of the pharmaceutical industry, as it results in a consistent, effective, and economical platform for drug delivery. Not only are tablets and capsules convenient and easy for consumers to hand…  Read More »
Footprint-Free Cell Line Engineering Services at Transposagen
February 4, 2014
Altering the genome of cells is a powerful and increasingly necessary tool for drug discovery and research. Transposagen’s custom cell line engineering service can provide precise modification of any genomic locus in a wide variety cells, inclu…  Read More »
February 4, 2014
The World Health Organization describes pharmacovigilance as the process of detecting, assessing, understanding, and preventing adverse events associated with medicinal products, with the aim of enhancing patient care and safety.1 While the goal of p…  Read More »
January 13, 2014
QbD is a systematic approach to pharmaceutical drug manufacturing development. QbD is built on a deeper understanding of the causes and effects of variability in the manufacturing process. This understanding is based on sound science and risk managem…  Read More »
January 13, 2014
Is your development or manufacturing operation experiencing cost over-runs and unproductive delays? Do you want to optimize your development dollars and ensure a robust commercial process? You are not alone. The conventional development process uses…  Read More »

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