• Biotech Packaging

    Released by: Reed-Lane, Inc.
    At Reed-Lane, we offer secondary packaging services for biotech customers to include labeling, printing and cartoning of vials and ampules. In addition, we can also provide kitting and hand assembly for biotech customers who need a packaging partne…

  • Blistering


    Released by: Reed-Lane, Inc.
    Reed-Lane’s blister lines are capable of running thermoform (PVC, PVDC, Aclar) and cold form (Alu-Alu) blisters. Quality Guaranteed Our blistering operation is both flexible and nimble, allowing us to either work within existing package pla…

  • Bottling


    Released by: Reed-Lane, Inc.
    Reed-Lane’s bottling lines are capable of packaging solid dose products such as tablets, capsules, caplets, soft gels, liquid gels and gel caps. Bottling Capabilities Our bottling lines utilize slat or electronic filling systems for solid d…

  • Compliance Packaging

    Compliance Packaging

    Released by: Reed-Lane, Inc.
    As medication regimens become increasingly specific – requiring strict, even down-to-the-hour adherence – the importance of compliance packaging continues to grow. A package that both stresses and fosters proper medication compliance c…

  • Convenience Vials

    Convenience Vials

    Released by: Reed-Lane, Inc.
    Reed-Lane’s convenience vials packaging produces small or travel-size packages sometimes referred to as Purse Pack Vials. Convenience vials are also a viable option for the sampling of Rx products. Fast Solutions Our turnkey services in th…

  • Packaging Design

    Packaging Design

    Released by: Reed-Lane, Inc.
    Whether creating customized convenience vials with extended text labeling or unique card sealing designs that enhance retailer shelf space, Reed-Lane’s team of experienced engineers stand ready to design product-specific packaging solutions tha…

  • Pouching


    Released by: Reed-Lane, Inc.
    Reed-Lane originated over 50 years ago as a supplier of strip packaging. In that tradition, today we have the most advanced high-speed pouching machine in the contract packaging market. Quality You Can Count On Our pouching expertise exemplifies…

  • Secondary Packaging

    Secondary Packaging

    Released by: Reed-Lane, Inc.
    Reed-Lane is a full-service contract packager capable of taking your products straight through the final packaging process. We offer a variety of secondary packaging capabilities, featuring final quality inspections serving as your products’…

  • Serialization


    Released by: Reed-Lane, Inc.
    As domestic and international track and trace mandates take effect, serialization continues to be among the pharmaceutical industries’ most talked-about topics. Reed-Lane is prepared for the FDA mandated November 2017 requirement for seriali…

  • Contract Pharma Services

    Released by: Alkermes
    Alkermes Contract Pharma Services As part of Alkermes plc, Alkermes Contract Pharma Services provides solid oral dosage product development, scale-up and manufacturing services as well as sterile fill finish capabilities to the global pharmaceutic…

  • Capabilities Overview

    Released by: Alkermes
    Four decades delivering contract pharma solutions for our partners Alkermes Contract Pharma Services provides solid dosage form product development, scale-up and manufacturing services along with sterile fill-finish capabilities to the global phar…

  • Vetter Development Service

    Released by: Vetter Pharma International GmbH
    Planning for success. Preclinical through Phase III is a pivotal and unpredictable period for new molecules. Vetter Development Service helps smooth the path to clinic with dedicated support for key stages of development, testing, clinical manufactur…

  • Vetter Commercial Manufacturing

    Released by: Vetter Pharma International GmbH
    Filling your potential Precise manufacturing. Creative thinking. It takes both to succeed in a competitive marketplace. Vetter Commercial Manufacturing supports your injectable with more than 25 years of expertise in high-quality, state-of-the-art as…

  • Vetter Packaging Solutions

    Released by: Vetter Pharma International GmbH
    Packaging matters Material compatibility. Patient convenience. Market differentiation. There are many factors to consider in the selection of your primary and secondary packaging materials. Which ones matter most to your compound’s performance…

  • Water System Validation

    Released by: SGS Life Sciences
    WATER SYSTEM VALIDATION Purified water is a key component in the manufacturing of virtually all pharmaceutical products. Water purification systems must be validated to ensure that the specified quality of water is consistently produced. SGS is the l…