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CLC, PSSC Offer New Full-Genome Data Solution

Published August 12, 2010
CLC bio and PSSC Labs introduced a new solution, CLC Genomics Factory, for assembly, read mapping, and subsequent downstream analysis of very large amounts of high-throughput DNA and RNA sequencing data. CLC Genomics Factory was built as a high-performance bioinformatics appliance and comes in three different sizes with varying numbers of compute nodes. It is capable of processing the data output from as high as 10 Illumina HiSeq2000 or 7 Life Technologies SOLiD 4 systems.

CLC Genomics Factory uses the company’s enterprise platform, including its Genomics Server, as well as its accelerated algorithms for full-genome assembly and analysis. According to the company, multiple licenses for CLC Genomics Workbench enable users to interface with the server software through either a user-friendly graphical interface or a command line interface. Additionally, Genomics Factory includes support for CLC bio’s Software Developer Kit for integrating 3rd party systems and software.

Alex Lesser, vice president of bioinformatics solutions at PSSC Labs, remarked, "As we're already working with the leading instrument providers such as Roche 454, Life Technologies and Illumina, it was a natural step for us to partner with the leading software provider within high-throughput sequencing data analysis, CLC bio. Based around their enterprise platform, we have tailored an extremely powerful turnkey solution for analyzing the vast amounts of data coming off all the different high-throughput sequencing instruments, including upcoming technologies such as Ion Torrent and Pacific Biosciences."

Thomas Knudsen, chief executive officer at CLC bio, added, "It was obvious for us to combine our expertise on high-performance bioinformatics algorithms and user-friendly software, with PSSC Labs' extensive experience in cluster solutions for the life science industry. We now provide the first and only turnkey solution for full-genome analysis of data from all types of high-throughput sequencing instruments.”

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