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LGC Acquires Quotient’s Bioanalytical Business

January 2, 2013

Expands range of products and services

LGC has reached an agreement to acquire Quotient Bioresearch’s Bioanalytical Sciences division. That business unit, based at Fordham, Cambridgeshire, UK, provides bioanalytical services across the fields of small molecules, biomarkers, biopharmaceuticals and microbiological testing to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.
Quotient and LGC will collaborate as preferred partners on the provision of Bioanalytical Sciences. The Bioanalytical Sciences business will continue to trade using the Quotient name under its new ownership.
Jeremy Cook, managing director of LGC’s Health Sciences, said, “We’re delighted to have acquired Quotient Bioanalytical Sciences, a high-quality business that is complementary to our existing activities. We continue to develop our range of first-rate services in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrochemical sectors by offering our customers a unique mix of technical experience, leading edge facilities and knowledgeable people.”
Dr. Steve Pleasance, managing director of Quotient Bioanalytical Sciences, said, “LGC’s focus on complex analytical chemistry, high quality science and service delivery make them a natural home for our business. Both our organizations have reputations built upon quality and innovation and LGC’s global presence will help support the continued growth of services to our customers.”
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