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Celsis, Eurofins Lancaster in Testing Pact

By Gil Roth | November 18, 2013

Combines microbio validation and screening with rapid detection platform

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories (ELL) and Celsis International have entered into a collaboration through which ELL will provide contract rapid microbiology validation and screening services for Celsis' rapid detection technology platform.

The Celsis rapid detection system allows companies to ensure that products meet microbial specification 60 to 80% faster than traditional methods, according to a company statement. The decrease of as many as seven to 10 days in production cycle times can result in reduced inventories and working capital requirements, in addition to providing earlier notification of microbial excursions when they occur.

“The pharma industry has begun to embrace the cost savings that the Celsis method can bring to their operations,“ said Judy Madden, vice president of Corporate Development for Celsis. “We’re working with some of the industry’s leaders to implement the Celsis method for microbial limits and sterility testing, but many don’t have the resources or expertise to complete the validation work required before implementation. Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories’ expertise in this area will ensure high-quality validations and streamline the implementation process for our customers.”

“We are pleased to have expanded our rapid technologies service offerings with the Celsis system in response to this industry need,” said Mark Kaiser, ELL's director of Pharmaceutical Microbiology. “We have the Celsis system fully operational in both our US and Irish facilities, and both sites have initiated validation projects under contract. In addition to these, we anticipate that some of our current client base will move their routine microbiology testing to the Celsis method accelerating product release.“