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Theorem, DDA Form Strategic Analytics Pact

By Kristin Brooks | February 11, 2014

To integrate health economics and outcomes research predictive modeling

Theorem Clinical Research and Decision Driver Analytics (DDA) have formed a strategic alliance to integrate health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), predictive modeling and definitive analysis in an effort to maximize return on investment for pharma and medical device research programs.
Decision Driver Analytics was founded in 2006 by Elizabeth Brooks, Ph.D., to provide accessible health economics analysis and strategies that can be used to drive key product decisions for manufacturers and drug developers. Ms. Brooks is known for making statistical results understandable and actionable, and works with a team of specialists including health economists, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, medical writers and reimbursement experts.
“The clinical studies that may prove a scientific point are really only one aspect of a successful drug or medical device development program,” said John Potthoff, president and chief executive officer of Theorem Clinical Research. “Decision Driver Analytics’ product life cycle value analysis and exceptional economic insight help clients make high-value decisions with confidence throughout the entire development process. Knowing the right answers to key questions at critical decision points in the development process can make the difference between having the latest blockbuster or an expensive failure. We believe this alliance helps drive projects for clients in ways that will achieve both regulatory and marketing success.”