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Bosch Introduces Vial Filler

March 20, 2013

MLF 5088 offers an output of 400 vials per minute with IPC

Bosch Packaging Technology has launched a new filling and closing machine MLF 5088, offering an output of 400 vials per minute with integrated in-process control (IPC). This latest member of the MLF series is designed to fill and close injection bottles in a processing range of 2 to 100 milliliters, and is suited to process pharmaceuticals in aqueous and low-viscosity solutions.
All vials are weighed before and after the filling station and the machine automatically adjusts the volume for deviating quantities. The MLF 5088 incorporates a new method that places the containers gently on the IPC scales, and, according to the company, this vial transport system is used in a 100% IPC machine for the first time. The vials are transported through the machine with format cells for safe handling of the containers.
The MLF 5088 features a combined filling station with eight dosing heads, enabling the machine to work with piston, peristaltic or rolling diaphragm pumps, or a time-pressure filling system. The MLF 5088 is suited for restricted access barrier systems (RABS) and isolators, as well as closed RABS (cRABS) for toxic products and containment systems. The MLF 5088 is suited for line integration and can be combined with an upstream washing machine and sterilization tunnel and a downstream capping machine.
“The new MLF 5088 demonstrates that high output is not opposed to best safety standards. Besides the machine’s high performance, we managed to integrate 100% in-process control,” said Dieter Bandtel, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology.

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