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Adimab in Licensing Pacts with Biogen, GSK

July 26, 2013

Covers antibody discovery platforms

Adimab, LLC has expanded its collaboration with Biogen Idec for the discovery of antibody-based therapeutics. Adimab will license and transfer its antibody discovery platform to Biogen for the discovery and optimization of all antibody formats, including bispecific antibodies. Adimab has also entered a technology transfer and license agreement with GlaxoSmithKline.
BI will receive a custom human antibody library that is exclusive to Biogen and will obtain a license to the Adimab Platform for use in targeted therapeutic areas. In addition, Biogen Idec has secured an option to receive continued improvements to the Adimab Platform, including access to new antibody libraries. Adimab will receive an undisclosed upfront, signing fee, plus future payments based on specified preclinical and clinical milestones, as well as royalties and additional commercial milestones on therapeutic products.
“The roots of Biogen Idec’s success are based in discovery science, and antibody biologic drug candidates are an important part of that,” said Werner Meier, vice president of Biologics Drug Discovery at BI. “In order to identify the best antibody discovery technology to support these efforts, we engaged in a rigorous selection process and Adimab was the clear winner. We believe Adimab’s platform will help us to accelerate our drug discovery efforts as we search for the next generation of antibodies to treat neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases.”
Under the GSK alliance, Adimab will receive upfront payments, annual licensing fees, and royalties on resulting commercialized products. GSK has also secured an option to receive continued access to improvements to the Adimab antibody discovery platform.
“We surveyed the landscape of comparable technologies and selected what we believe to be the world-leading antibody discovery and protein engineering platform to support our strategy of building a strong biopharmaceutical pipeline at GSK,” said Stephen Martin, head of Biopharmaceuticals Discovery at GSK. “GSK is pleased to gain the first full access to this exciting platform, and the Adimab training and implementation team has shown a strong commitment to service and support. Adimab has been really collaborative, and we’re looking forward to continuing this productive relationship.”
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