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CrownBio, Xstrahl in Oncology Research Services Pact

October 15, 2013

Implements SARRP research platform based on IGMI techniques

Crown Bioscience has entered a collaboration with Xstrahl Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of X-Ray solutions for radiation biology research, under which CrownBio will implement Xstrahl’s SARRP research platform based on Image Guided Micro-Irradiation (IGMI) techniques at its PRECOS facility in Nottingham, UK. CrownBio will provide an irradiation service based on targeted beam radiation therapy for contract research oncology models to more closely mimic the clinical situation for patients in the preclinical setting.
CrownBio is now able to offer computerized tomography (CT) imaging with precise radiation delivery. The platform also provides the ability to perform combination studies in patient derived xenograft (PDX) and cell line derived xenograft (CDX) models as well as in vitro, in addition to irradiated subjects for haematological or more fastidious models.
Jean-Pierre Wery, president of CrownBio, said, “The partnership represents CrownBio’s commitment to providing its pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical customers with specialized techniques and services. Providing preclinical models that more closely reflect a patient’s condition should be a potential option for validating the efficacy of novel therapies and potential compounds that make tumor cells more sensitive to radiation therapy (radiosensitizers) for the treatment of cancer. The use of the IGMI technique in conjunction with our commercial models will provide a unique portfolio of models which more closely mimic the treatment regimen in the clinic, but in the preclinical setting.”