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Bilcare Segregates Pharma Production at Wilmington Facility

February 17, 2016

Will separate packaging and storage area along industry-specific lines

Bilcare Research Inc. has begun segregating pharma-related production operations from those serving other industries at its Wilmington, DE facility. Bilcare Research, part of the global Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovation (PPI) business unit, offers mono and barrier blister films to the pharma packaging industry, and also produces products for other business units of the company.
Bilcare will separate its PPI production and storage area from areas servicing other businesses, differentiating its production process along industry-specific lines in an effort to service all sectors more efficiently. 
“We are dedicated to our pharmaceutical customers and this is just one more example of how,” said Kevin Stevens, president and managing director of Bilcare Research Inc. “Our strategy is to exceed our customers’ expectations in the quality of Bilcare’s products; the new plant layout shows our commitment and investment to that end. Packaging pharmaceutical products in an ideal fashion calls for a dedicated, siloed production environment throughout the supply chain, and we aim to set the bar high toward that goal.”

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